The largest Stockholm airport is Arlanda, approx. 45 km north of Stockholm. This is the main airport of Stockholm where most major international and domestic airlines fly to.

From the airport (and back), you can go by train “Arlanda Express” that takes approx. 20 minutes and costs SEK 240 (≈ €25). You get a 50% discount if you are under 25 years, student or retired. During weekends you can go 2 for 1.

The bus takes 40 minutes and costs SEK 100 (≈ €11) with no youth or student discounts. The bus and train leaves approx. every 10 minutes and go to the central train station in Stockholm City.

Taxi takes approx. 30 minutes off rush hour and will take you directly to the ferry terminal. Its convenient and fairly cheap if you share with friends. Make sure you get a fixed price when dealing with the cab driver before you leave. A taxi trip from the airport to Stockholm (or reverse) should never exceed SEK 550 (≈€60). A taxi regular cab takes four passengers. With a bigger car/van (max 9 persons), the price is approx. SEK 750 (≈ €80).

If you chose to go by taxi at rush hour, anywhere between 08:00-10:00 or 16:00-18:00, make sure to add another 30 minutes to make it to your destination in time.

A new, budget airline airport approx. 110 km south of Stockholm for airlines like Ryan Air, Wizz Air etc. More far away from Stockholm, but with shorter time for checkin, baggage handling etc.

Only buses go from here. They cost SEK 140 (≈ €15) and take about 90 minutes to Stockholm. No youth or student discounts.

We do not recommend taxis from this airport unless you are in an extreme hurry. Taxis to Stockholm (and reverse) can be very expensive (up to SEK 1500 ≈ €160) and will quickly consume the money you saved by going with a budget airline.

The buses from/to Stockholm-Skavsta airport don’t go very often, so make sure that you have plenty of time on your hand.

Here are links to the airport train and bus companies:

Airport train – “Arlanda Express”:

Airport buses – “Flygbussarna”:


The easiest way to go to the ferry terminal from anywhere in Stockholm is via the subway system. All lines go to “Stockholm Central” the main train and subway station. The end line to the closest to the ferry terminal is marked “Ropsten” (Red line number 13). The stop to get off is “Gärdet” (the second last stop before the end of the line).

At Gärdet, make sure that you continue to the exit in the direction the train is going. Out on the street, go left downhill (approx. 100 meters) and continue across the busy street to a walk path through a green area that will lead you to a bridge leading directly to the ferry terminal (approx. 200 meters). When you arrive with the subway, there will be many people heading for the ferry terminal so just follow the “flow” or ask someone if you’re lost.


Stockholm City Silja Line ferry terminal
A taxi to the ferry terminal from central Stockholm costs about SEK 150-200 (€16-22). A good advice is to agree on a fixed price before you step into the cab. Unfortunately in Stockholm, there are cab drivers who might charge you way more than normal due to a deregulated market. The address of the ferry terminal is: “Siljaterminalen, Värtahamnen”. There are several other ferry terminals in Stockholm so make sure you go to the right one.


The Silja Line booking office can also assist you with booking flights, trains, hotel, etc, regardless of where your travel originated. Since the Tallink-Silja ferry line company have special arrangements with hotels, airlines and train companies, you will most likely get a better price for the whole trip compared to regular travel agencies, airlines, etc.

Silja Line booking office
+46 (0)8 666 33 33