Monday Bar
Jubilee Cruise 2017

Cruise No 50.. Monday Bar 25 years and the cruise 15th anniversary! 

As always Monday Bar cruises means a variety of all EDM styles such as TRANCE, PSY, PROGRESSIVE, HOUSE, TECHNO, HARD-DANCE, HARDSTYLE, HARDCORE, etc.
Like last year, TECHNOSTATE will co-host the cruise with some awesome psy/progressive-artists!

This 2-night cruise to Riga, Latvia runs on a weekend, which means we will sell out more quickly than usual. The end of the summer cruises have since many years back become the last big summer event with the long awaited party on Sundeck. 

The lineup below are the first names. More djs/artists, mostly local, will be added later. Booking will open on Tuesday, April 25.

(in alphabetical order)

Many more djs will be added. Final lineup and set times will be presented in good time before the cruise.



Friday-Sunday, September 8-10, 2017


M/S Romantika
Tallink-Silja ferry terminal
Värtahamnen, Stockholm

Arrival / Departure

Departure, Stockholm
Tallink-Silja ferry terminal, Värtahamnen
Fri, Sept 8, 17:00 (5:00 PM)
(local Swedish time)

Arrival, Riga
Tallink terminal
Sat, Sept 9, 11:00 (101:00 AM)
(local Latvian time +1 hour)

Departure, Riga
Tallink terminal
Sat, Sept 9, 17:30 (5:30 PM)
(local Latvian time +1 hour)

Arrival, Stockholm
Tallink-Silja ferry terminal, Värtahamnen
Sun, Sept 10, 10:30 (10:30 AM)
(local Swedish time)


Starting at SEK 1340/person
(approx. EUR 140)

Age limit

18 years old when boarding.

+ many more...


BY PHONE (starting April 25)

Tallink-Silja booking office: +46 (0)8-666 33 33
(Open: Mon-Fri 08.00-20.00, Sat-Sun 08.00-16.00)
Booking reference: MBAR

ONLINE (starting April 25)


Prices (SEK) are per person. Approximate prices in euro (EUR) within brackets. For UK pounds (GBP), divide SEK by 11.
Everything except what you eat, drink and buy in the shops onboard is included in the price.

B-class (inside without view)

4 persons 1340:- (€140)
3 persons 1490:- (€155)
2 persons 1590:- (€166)
1 person 2990:- (€311)

A-class (outside with view)

4 persons 1540:- (€160)
3 persons 1690:- (€176)
2 persons 1790:- (€186)
1 person 3290:- (€343)

De Luxe (outside with view)

2 persons 2590:- (€270)
1 person 3690:- (€384)

Suite (outside with view)

2 persons 4390:- (€457)
1 person 6990:- (€728)

Men's / women's cabin
(if traveling alone - shared 2-person cabin)

1 person 1790:- (€186)